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Modern Health Drives 10x Higher Engagement Over Workiva’s Previous Solution

Workiva improves access and time to care for employees globally while staying true to principles of empathy and inclusion
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Workiva helped reinforce its commitment to core values of diversity, equity, inclusion, and belonging by launching Modern Health globally in 2021. A close partnership with Modern Health’s Customer Success Team helped Workiva quickly achieve lofty registration and engagement metrics. And employees everywhere immediately benefitted from an international network of providers and the ability to schedule therapy and coaching sessions within one day.

Download this case study to learn how Modern Health:
  • Sees 26% utilization among Workiva employees — a 10x improvement over their previous EAP
  • Supports diverse populations with community-focused Circles on critical subjects
  • Helps 67% of therapy members experience clinical recovery after just four one-on-one sessions
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