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Lyft Partners with Modern Health to Increase Engagement, Reduce Costs

Modern Health’s global mental health offering provides a more inclusive, de-stigmatizing experience for Lyft employees
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Forward-thinking ridesharing company Lyft partnered with Modern Health in 2019 to expand access to care, create more sustainable costs, and deliver a unified global experience. Lyft launched Modern Health across five countries with corporate offices to the immediate delight of international employees. In addition to one-on-one therapy, alternative modes of care like coaching and self-guided resources were a big draw among members.

Download this case study to learn how Modern Health:
  • Reduced Lyft’s costs by more than 55% over their previous mental health benefit
  • Sees an astonishing 45% utilization among Lyft’s global workforce
  • Drives 61% clinical improvement or recovery for members with elevated levels of depression and anxiety
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