Why therapy isn't enough for a comprehensive mental health care solution
All employees need mental health support but not all need therapy. New research finds therapy and coaching delivered comparable clinical outcomes for members with elevated depressive symptoms.
What You’ll Learn:

When Modern Health offered a stepped mental health care program to employees featuring both therapy and coaching, employees saw clinical improvements from coaching on par with those of therapy—which is exciting news for coaching as an emerging clinical treatment modality that can address the worldwide shortage of therapists

The new research abstract demonstrates:
  • Digital mental health services based on a stepped care model are clinically effective in improving employee well-being
  • How coaching can be used alone or in combination with therapy to foster clinical recovery from depressive symptoms
  • That a comprehensive solution with multiple care options improves access to mental health care while offering non-stigmatizing choices for members.
Download the research abstract now to learn how a comprehensive mental health offering can help you support employee mental health.
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