Economic Value Analysis
Actuary Analysis Demonstrates Modern Health Can Reduce Annual Health Claim Spend for Employers

Learn how Modern Health can drive positive ROI for your business.
The cost of not addressing workplace mental health needs are increasing for employers. Traditional Employee Assistance Programs are commonly criticized for poor utilization, variable quality, and long wait times, and as a result, mental health has quickly become a key cost driver to organizations — driving excess, avoidable health plan utilization and expenditures.

To measure Modern Health’s impact on employer health claim spend, an independent third-party actuary firm conducted an analysis using clinical improvement and utilization patterns across over 25,000 Modern Health U.S. members along with national healthcare claims data from the IBM MarketScan® database.

Download this research report to learn how Modern Health can help employers:
  • Drive positive ROI and net reductions on total healthcare spend
  • Enable high utilization of mental health services
  • See increasing ROI year-over-year due to Modern Health's full spectrum of clinical and preventative care.
Note: Actual results for clients may vary.

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