Global Mental Health Insights to Enhance HR Benefits Strategies

Access mental health trends from 50+ countries and use this data to maximize your workforce benefits strategy
The economic impact of workforce mental health conditions is rising. By 2030, it will exceed $6 trillion, an amount greater than that associated with any other non-communicable disease. To mitigate this risk, organizations must offer adaptable mental health benefits that support a wide range of employee needs.

To help HR and benefits leaders develop a mental health benefits strategy that meets the needs of their evolving workforce, Modern Health developed a playbook that shares global data about workforce mental health. Download this resource to:
  • Uncover global workforce trends across LATAM, APAC, EMEA, United States & Canada
  • Use this data to benchmark your current mental health benefits strategy and discover how to attract, retain and engage talent
  • Develop a mental health benefits strategy that helps organizations stay competitive in the marketplace
Get the playbook:
A platform for innovative companies that value the emotional well-being of their workforce.
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