Future of Mental Health Report
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Shifting Tides: Changing Attitudes About Mental Health Care and the Workplace
Modern Health commissioned a survey conducted by Forrester Consulting, which asked 1200+ employees and 500+ HR leaders and C-level executives about their impressions of changing mental health benefits in the workplace.
The research fielded in July 2021, set out to determine whether COVID-19 was a forcing function, a lasting awakening, or a short-term deviation in how companies perceive and plan for mental health benefits. The results reveal a disconnect between leadership perception and employee experiences when it comes to quality, quantity, and perceived motivations behind the mental health benefits offered at work.

  • 67% leaders cited improvement in productivity when offering mental health support to their employees
  • 85% of C-level and HR leaders believe mental health is not just about mental illness but is something every employee experiences
  • Learn why belonging can make the difference in employee retention
  • 79% of employees are likely to stay at a company that provides high quality mental health resources.
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