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Agile Crisis Support: How to Provide Timely Support in the Wake of a Distressing Event
What You’ll Learn:

A global pandemic. Race-based violence. Mass shootings. Political anxiety. Wildfire outbreaks. Current events have a different impact on different people, and employees shouldn’t be expected to simply leave their stressors at the office door. This session will identify ways to quickly and effectively support employees in the face of distressing events and shed light on how one company provided timely support for their employees in the wake of a traumatic event.

About the panel:
Dr. Julia Corcoran Headshot.png
Dr. Julia Corcoran
Director of Clinical Strategy and Experience
Modern Health
Dr. Jacquelyn Joshnson Headshot.png
Dr. Jacquelyn Johnson
Licensed Psychologist
The Black Girl Doctor

David Hanrahan Headshot.png
David Hanrahan
Watch the Recording:
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