Burnout and Belonging Webinar
From Burnout to Belonging: Redefining Workplace Dynamics in 2024 Part 2
Mita Mallick
Author of Reimagine Inclusion & Head of DEI
Dr. Jessica Watrous
Director of Clinical Research & Scientific Affairs
Modern Health
February 28, 2024
9am PST | 11am CST | 12pm EST
Conduct a website search for “burnout” and you will find numerous studies showing a rise of burnout in all job functions across all industries worldwide. It’s an outcome of multiple factors such as: longer work hours causing blurred boundaries between personal and professional lives, pressure to perform in uncertain economic environments, and quality of the work experience, including support from your manager.

Join Modern Health's Dr. Jessica Watrous (Director of Clinical Research and Scientific Affairs) and Mita Mallick (Author of Reimagine Inclusion & Head of DEI at Carta) as they discuss the impact of burnout in the workplace and how belonging plays a role in managing and preventing it.

You'll walk away with the following:
  • Overall knowledge sharing on workplace burnout and belonging impacts on the workplace and how employees work
  • Key considerations for people leaders and organization leaders to understand the impact of burnout on their workplace and employees
  • Actionable tips for organizational leaders, frontline managers, and employees to manage and prevent burnout and biases
We'll leave time for Q&A, and you can send your questions in advance to [email protected].
About the Speakers:
Mita Mallick is a change maker with a track record of transforming culture and business. She gives innovative, culturally-resonant ideas a voice and serves customers and communities with purpose. She’s had an extensive career as a multicultural marketer in the beauty and consumer goods space, being a fierce advocate for including and representing Black and Brown communities. Her book, “Reimagine Inclusion: Debunking 13 Myths to Transform Your Workspace” is a Wall Street Journal and USA Today best seller. In Reimagine Inclusion, she delivers powerful storytelling combined with practical and hands-on ways for us to be more inclusive leaders.

Check out her book here
Dr. Jessica Watrous is a Licensed Clinical Psychologist. As a health psychologist, her clinical and scientific work has been primarily focused on the intersection between mental and physical health. She has published numerous peer-reviewed papers and presented nationally and internationally on her work. Dr. Watrous came to Modern Health after many years in more traditional healthcare and research settings, including UC San Diego and the San Diego VA Healthcare System. She was drawn to the mission of Modern Health and is passionate about translating rigorous clinical care to the real world.
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