Employer Playbook
Taking Care of Burnout in Professional Services
The no-nonsense primer on how to safeguard employee wellbeing and organizational excellence
Job burnout—previously recognized by Professional Services companies and others as a smoldering threat—is sweeping through the work ecosystem, fueled by the effects of the COVID-19 pandemic and other stressors.

To help business leaders and HR practitioners extinguish burnout, Modern Health proudly provides this science-backed explainer with practical answers to the big questions:
  • What really causes burnout?
  • How does it affect Professional Services employees?
  • Who gets burned out? And what role has COVID-19 played?
  • What are the best solutions for organizations, teams, and individuals?
Download this first-of-its-kind 23-page playbook to get on the way to happier, healthier employees and optimal organizational performance.
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