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Biotech company tackles barriers to mental health care for their employees

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As mental health care's importance became more prevalent in society, Alector wanted to do something more proactive than an EAP program. Although the EAP program provided limited mental health support, it became clear that it did not provide the support employees needed. To help with preventative care in tandem with crisis care, Alector wanted to provide something more meaningful for its staff and beef up its mental health offerings, feeling that there must be a solution to serve employees better. They found the answer in Modern Health.

Download this Case Study to learn how Modern Health:
  • Achieves a 98% provider confidence score among Alector’s workforce.
  • Drives remarkable clinical outcomes for members seeking one-on-one care.
  • Provides a variety of care options that resonate with Alector’s staff, with 70% of its members involved in two or more care modalities.
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