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Aesop America’s Retail Workforce Reveals 28% Well-being Increase over EAP

Modern Health’s easy-to-use platform provides quick access to care and extensive provider choice
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In 2020, Aesop America recognized that the pandemic and traumatic worldwide events were impacting employees and partnered with Modern Health to provide a new, more robust mental health solution. A thoughtful and intentional rollout drove high engagement and overwhelmingly positive feedback. Employees embraced Modern Health’s multiple care modalities beyond traditional therapy, including coaching, self-serve digital resources, and group-based care.

Download this case study to learn how Modern Health:
  • Saw astonishing engagement and registration rates shortly after launch
  • Improves well-being for 91% of <therapy/coaching> members
  • Finds creative ways to engage Aesop team members via Circles and relevant awareness initiatives
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