Research Report
Why Individual Preferences Matter in Mental Health Care

The mental health care field has traditionally directed everyone with care needs to one-on-one therapy—but therapy may not be the best clinical approach for every set of symptoms and sending everyone to therapy doesn’t take individual personal preferences into account.

And the latest research from Modern Health demonstrates that not everyone wants this type of care. When given a choice, fewer than half (44%) of respondents selected one-on-one as their preference.

That matters because:
  • People have different care preferences across different demographics, meaning that supporting multiple ways of receiving care is critical to a successful DEIB strategy.
  • Research shows that incorporating individual preferences in care produces higher levels of engagement and better clinical outcomes.
  • Modern Health is the only provider of employee mental health benefits that has incorporated care preferences into its product.
Don’t accept the outdated notion that therapy is the only or best form of care. Download Modern Health’s research report today to learn more.
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